The 10 Sexiest Sports Cars of All Time

Sports cars are without doubt potent sex symbols. Whether they are featured in James Bond movies, accompanied by bikini models on the covers of magazines or simply remain the objects of our dreams, the lure of a sexy sports car is undeniable.

But what makes a car sexy? Like all things, that’s for people to decide on their own. But few can resist the smooth lines, the pure confidence, the absolute power and the perfectly sculpted bodies of these: the 10 sexiest sports cars of all time.

1961 Jaguar E Type

I normally prefer cars from closer to my own generation, but in this case I can respect a true classic of British elegance. This car was a good 10 years ahead of its time in terms of design.

1962-1964 Ferrari 250 GTO

Perhaps Ferarri took a page out of Jaguar’s successful design book, but regardless produced an automobile worthy of eternal enshrinement.  

2005 Pagani Zonda

I have a thing for exotic Italians. While this girl may be a little top heavy, even for me, I’m still left speechless at her ‘I’m ready to launch my passengers into orbit’ looks.

2003 Ferarri Enzo

The Enzo is one of those girls with a stunning body but has a nose that’s too big for her face. In the right light though, that doesn’t matter.

1992-1998 McLaren F1

Equally exotic as the Pagani, this isn’t a car that will slowly seduce you. It’ll either have its way with you or send you running knowing you can’t handle it.

2008 Audi R8

Maybe this Audi made the list simply because she’s the youngest of the bunch, but with those eyes and a killer body, who’s gonna turn her down?

2006 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish

Sleek, sexy and perfectly proportioned. This is a car has a flawless body, but doesn’t flaunt it. It’s her confidence that makes her sexy.  

2007 Jaguar XKR

What? The sexy Vanquish has a cousin? I’m in!

2008 Aston Martin DB9

You’re kidding, the Vanquish has an even sexier younger sister!? Seems too good to be true!

 2005 Porsche Carrera GT

The Carrera can deliver an amazing night, and I’d wake up the next morning excited to see her face. This is a car I could live with for the rest of my life, and there’s nothing sexier than that.

Did I leave a car you love off this list? Which is your favorite?


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  1. You are giving up way too soon.
    Lotus Elite 1963 ranks up there with the E-Type; The Studebaker Avanti not too far behind.

    I think sexy means curvey, not chunky like Lambo’s but who can say.

  2. what about the shelby cobra 427 that thing has not changed body styles since the 60’s and is still one of the most wanted pure sport cars

  3. …….sorry. somewhere in there they should have the spyker d12……. one day you shall be mine…

  4. Definetly should have had the buggati veyron on this list. Very fast very nice.

  5. The objects are not sexy. Only people can be sexy. You can’t date with a car. And (I hope) you can’t get an erection with a car… no t mention love. Cars are not girls. so, what is ths about? Just a list of cars most like you. Y en gustos se rompen géneros… ¿Two Aston Martin almost egual in the same list? No way.

  6. wowwwww…..tht is one sexy piece of work :)Martin Aston vanquish honey!!!

  7. Loool ”The Carrera can deliver an amazing night, and I’d wake up the next morning excited to see her face. This is a car I could live with for the rest of my life, and there’s nothing sexier than that.”

    i love that! wow ur in love with that car! i fink u liek cars more than girls!

  8. jagaur xj220 n best car in world n eevry1 knows too stylis mers slr!!! lamby n new bmw gina ufff nufin ebats dat!

  9. nice list, but i could personally see the Jag XJR-15 or the Cayman….or on a lesser scale the Lotus Elise somewhere there hehe

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