My Top 5 Concept Cars

Here’s what I love about concept cars: They’re the cars auto engineers would create if they weren’t limited by feasability. The designs and features they come up with can be so far fetched that they never come close to reality, or they can spark new innovation in the way cars are built.

This year’s auto shows have showcased dozens of concepts. Here are my top 5, a mix of near-production ready vehicles and futuristic technology that seems out of this world.

Peugeot RC HYmotion4

The car uses a 70-kilowatt electric motor up front and a 1.6-liter gas engine in the rear, producing a total of 313 horsepower. The cool thing here is that the car can be driven electric-only, gas-only, or with gas and electric power. Peugeot claims 52 mpg.

Nissan Nuvu

Assuming city-dwellers will gravitate towards small electric cars, Nissan gives us a look at the Nuvu concept. It has only one seat on the driver’s side and a front and rear seat on the passenger side. But here’s why it made my list: solar panels help charge the batteries. Here’s to harnessing our planet’s natural resources!

MINI Crossover

Perhaps the most likely car to go into production, this MINI manages to keep its iconic looks while upsizing to a more family-ready version. Cool!

Toyota A-BAT

It’s a compact truck that is where the Tacoma would be if it hadn’t gone full-size on us. Plus, it’s a hybrid, can seat four, and offers plenty of innovative cargo hauling abilities. Nevermind that it looks like a Honda Ridgeline.


This is a quote from Motor Trend: “The surface of the concept features a new fabric material that BMW says is highly resistant to expansion, durable, and flexible. Underneath the covering material is a light aluminum subframe that is moveable via electric and hydraulic controls, allowing the surface itself to be reshaped according to the owner’s desire.” Whoa. That’s just awesome.

Have you seen any concepts on the auto show rounds that excite you?


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