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The U.S. really can't complain about fuel prices

The U.S. really can't complain

I want to respond to a comment left about a recent blog.

In that blog, I said that since U.S. gas prices are going down so much, I’m second-guessing my commitment to breaking our addiction to oil. Here’s the comment I want to address:

“Feel lucky that you are not paying the prices around Britain, as you wouldn’t be able to run your car. Based on your 11 gallon car, you would have to pay approx $71 at the current price of fuel over here to fill your car. Maybe you shouldn’t complain so much about the price of fuel as you have it a lot better than most other western countries around the world, and we are all struggling too.”

OK, point taken. I understand that fuel prices in Britain are MUCH higher than in the U.S., even when U.S. prices were near $5 per gallon. We’ve been spoiled on this side of the Atlantic for years, and I’m sure those in Britian and across Europe were thrilled to watch us go into panic mode as our prices skyrocketed. Now that our prices are headed south again, I’d imagine there’s a little jealousy that their prices remain high.

To the person who wrote the comment, and to everyone in Europe: Yes, our fuel prices are lower than yours. But at least your prices have fueled a stable and even enviable auto industry, while our prices have led to the likely demise of ours. You have Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Ferrari… should I keep going? We have Chrysler.

What do you have to say about that?


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