The 2008 Worst Car of the Year


Deciding the best car of 2008 was WAY easier than culling through the garbage and choosing which is the worst of this year’s automotive offerings.

Sometimes in my travels I’ll overhear a conversation where someone says, “You know, you really can’t buy a bad new car these days.”

Oh, for god sakes yes you can! I can’t help but voice my opinion when I hear those words, and if you’re ever on the receiving end of one of those tirades, I’m sorry. But hopefully I’ll stop you from plunking down a pile of cash for a car that would give you nothing in return but a great story about the terrible car you once owned.

Do I start domestic and chastise the Dodge Nitro, Jeep Liberty or Chevy Trailblazer? All three have sub-par fit and finish, poor rides and fuel economies that rival the space shuttle’s.

Or maybe I’ll jump over to Japan and degrade the Toyota FJ Cruiser or Mazda Tribute. Seriously Toyota, you expect us to buy a small SUV that struggles to get 15 mpg and then fill it up with premium? Umm… no. And Mazda, while we do like the CX-7 and CX-9, the Tribute is the obnoxious drunk of the trio: too loud, too thirsty and entirely unattractive. Even to other drunks.

mercuryNext I have these to consider: The Suzuki Forenza (even though its cousin, the SX4, just won my Car of the Year Award), the Jeep Patriot and the Mercury Grand Marquis. Any of these are deserving of the lowest automotive honor of the year, with either poor visibility, poor handling, rough-sounding engines or questionable reliability. Some (Jeep Patriot) suffer from all of the above.

My two finalists for the lowest honor of the year, though, are two polar opposites: the Toyota Yaris and the Hummer H3. The Yaris proves that popularity doesn’t equate to quality, with poor acceleration and vague steering. The Hummer though is the epitome of all that can be wrong with a vehicle.

h3Because of its horrendous reliability, absurdly bad fuel economy, terrible handling and the acceleration of a grapefruit, I award the 2008 Worst Car of the Year Award to the Hummer H3.   

Do you think it’s possible to buy a bad new car these days? And which do you think is the worst car of 2008?


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  1. You gotta be a super-patriot to buy a Jeep Patriot. The Compass ain’t much better. Chrysler has now totally diminished this brand, a sad story.

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