You’re not a man unless you drive one of these


For as much flack as girly cars catch, at least they’re functional and reliable. Owning them makes sense, because they serve a purpose and are usually quite practical.

Manly cars, though, can be placed in one of two categories: fast or powerful. If a car fits in both, it gives up all practicality and serves only to fuel our flow of testosterone.

Here are some of the “manliest” cars in existence right now:

 Dodge Ram

This one’s for the guys who feel like they need an extra boost of manliness, an extra touch of toughness. Sure, if you own a construction business, you might need one. Odds are, though, men buy these trucks because they feel big and strong in them.

 Hummer H1


Don’t confuse this with any version of the H2 and especially not with the H3, which borders on girly. The H1 though, as wasteful and as pointless as it is, still creates a sense of masculinity, and I’ve yet to meet a guy who will admit to not wanting one.

Dodge Viper


Men are simple creatures. If it’s sexy and fast, we’re interested. The Viper is especially desirable because it’s sexy, fast AND hard to get.



Sometimes a guy wants to show he likes speed, power and class. The only reason to buy an M5 is because it goes faster than the neighbor’s 535i.

Pontiac GTO


A throwback to the 60’s here… nothing says “I think I’m cool” than a white T-shirt, blue jeans, sunglasses and a ’69 Goat.

Bugatti Veyron


It has 1,001 horsepower. If men didn’t exist, neither would this car.

When a guy thinks about buying a car, he knows that he SHOULD buckle down and buy the Kia minivan. But given the choice, he’ll spring for the H1 every time. Come on, guys, you know I’m right.

What do you think is the ultimate manly car?



  1. Hahaha I am a guy and I hate H2,H3 but I do like the H1 it is a true country truck lol. I think guys and girls are equal at driving just the bad drivers now a days are the Asian ones who go to slow or don’t know what they are doing. Out of all of these cars here I would stick with my Dream car and that is the Dodge Charger 70″

  2. i totally agree with you amanda!!!! girls can drive weay better than guys can :))

  3. first of all guys you are all wrong about what kind of ar a guy should drive because girls drive just as well as guys do *caugh caugh* girls kick ass at racing in case you havent noticed so keep on lookin for new cars……because a girl looks wayyy better in those cars than guys do

  4. @Amanda F
    Thanks for your comment Amanda. I think the Veyron would probably look a lot better had it been designed by a woman! I applaud your love of fine automobiles. :)

  5. I’d like to first state that I am a woman. And next want to say that I would drive an H1, Pontiac GTO, Bugatti Veyron, and a Viper. So tell me exactly what makes those cars so manly?? Also a BMW M5 is not manly at all, that car makes me thing of business men is suits that work in an office on a computer and have never touched any part in that car, they just bring it to their bmw dealer to have all the work done. How manly is that? I’ve changed my own breaks, I change my own oil and I am very girly with nails. So what I’m saying is you shouldn’t give those cars a label such as being manly because woman enjoy them too…

  6. i Agree to the veyron as it serves all purpose of being a man if driven dude we could replace our wives for these!

  7. Never drove any of them, still I can make the difference between how a M3 and a M5 look. Who put that picture there? A girl? :P

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