Hyundai Didn’t Win, a Couple of Potatoes Did!

Mr. Potato Head

Mrs. Potato Head

Now with all due respect to my companion blogger tgriffith, I want to take issue with his glorification of the Hyundai Genesis ad.

Yeah, it was funny, but in fact the ad bombed with the public. According to USA Today’s ad meter, it finished fourth from the bottom (47th) in measured responses from 268 volunteers. Hyundai’s Assurance ad, offering a turn-back-the-car program, finished 49th.

Other car companies didn’t do so hot, either: The best ranking came for the Audi ad, finishing 12th. But Bridgestone Tires made it to 4th with Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head driving into a bunch of sheep. It came in 1st on the ADBOWL vote-in site. The creative and the execution, as they say in the ad biz, were terrific.

First place went to Doritos for the two dorks and a “crystal ball” ad, which was outstanding. Created by two unknown guys from Indiana, this one beat out all the offerings of big-time ad shops. And they beat Budweiser, which has won everything for years.

So Hyundai’s big-budget ads got totally swamped by a silly Potato Head couple that’s been around for years. Bridgestone also did well last year, as we reported, with its screaming squirrel.

The bottom line, according to USA Today, is that “Even in a downtrodden economy, what delights Super Bowl viewers hasn’t changed at all. Folks simply want to laugh.” And the guys with the most laughs won.

Are this year’s Super Bowl ads going to influence your car buying this year—or your feelings about the car companies?


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