Car Buyer’s Remorse

Daschle-Confirmation Hearing

It’s happened to all of us.

There are also some pretty pathetic car stories on the Web. In December we asked about the worst car you ever owned. Last summer nextautos wanted to know which car purchase you most regretted. Answers came thick and fast, including: 1980 Pontiac 6000 STE, 1995 Dodge Neon Sports, 1968 Corvette, 2004 Jetta, Oldsmobile Achieva, 2002 Dodge Neon, Toyota Corona, 1997 Ford Contour V8 GL. I didn’t count, but it looks like GM cars predominate, though there’s lots of competition.

2009chevroletaveo20242931-300x189Other kinds of regret emerged in a Wall Street Journal story—such things as a driver complaining that her new Chevrolet Aveo didn’t have electric windows or the comfort of her former Buick. One guy traded a Suburban for a Chrysler Pacifica and liked the better mileage, but not the smaller interior space. These people are not smart car buyers—and probably not smart people, either.

A new survey by CarMax validates that statement. The top complaint, “paid too much for a new car that depreciated,” was made by 26% of respondents. Then:

  • Didn’t do the research    22%
  • Bought the wrong car    16%
  • Bought from an untrustworthy source    16%
  • Didn’t get the extended service plan    11%
  • Didn’t review paperwork before signing      8%.

The conclusion is inescapable, isn’t it? Buyer’s don’t do their homework.

Why don’t they? There are lots of good Web resources available, including the best one of all——right here! We offer new car specs, reviews and prices, a used car lot, information on financing options, dealers, repair shops, service plans, car forums, a great blog and more.

There’s just no excuse to be uninformed when going into a major purchase like buying a car. Many, however, still treat it as an impulse buy and tend to jump in without thinking. If you do, you may have a lot to regret.

Where and how did you research your last car buy?



  1. Used 09 Caymene turbo s After I told the fiancial person I didn’t want any tare protection nor paint protection a was charged any way.I was also charged for a dealers inventory tax! They charged about $1300. What can I do about this?

  2. It doesn’t really matter if you do your homework or not. You can fall into the trap that I did. I (a single mom of 6 who works and is a student) recently purchased a used vehicle only to find 30 min later when filling up the car that there was a leak in the gas tank. Oooooppsss

  3. agreed the aveo didnt have the same comfort as her buick… lol priceless…

    The car buying public should at least go out and test drive all the cars they are debating… then do some research then do some more research and then buy… hell im sure some of these people compare cereals for calories or sugar content… why aren’t they doing it for cars?

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