Don’t want a speeding ticket? Drive one of these!


If you’re like me, when you think of cars that get pulled over the most, you think of red sports cars. For me it’s because my mom always said, “Never get a red car, because those are the ones that get the most tickets!”

Well, now I can prove my mom wrong courtesy of ISO Planning, a company that helps insurers spot risks.

The most ticketed vehicles on the road:

1. The Hummer H2

While not known for its speed or agility, cops love this lumbering beast of the road.

2 and 3. Scion tC and xB


Right. When you sell cars to kids, kids will use them to go fast. Anyone for an 18-year-old driving age?

4. Mercedes Benz CLK63 AMG


What? More xBs get tickets than this AMG Benz? What kind of bizarro world are we living in?

5. Toyota Solara


This car is really just a Camry minus two doors. Maybe this is where my mom’s theory comes true… most Solaras I see on the road are red.

Want to minimize your risk of getting a ticket? Drive one of these:

1.  Jaguar XJ


I actually laughed out loud when I saw this, because the XJ is a car that can unleash some serious horsepower on the 2-lane twisties. I guess the disguise of old-world luxury is enough to keep the cops looking in the other direction.

2. Chevy Suburban


Apparently cops don’t want to interrupt moms on their way to soccer practice.

3. Chevy Tahoe

chevy-tahoeSee ‘Chevy Suburban.’

4. Chevy Silverado 2500


It’s hard to be caught speeding when you’re towing a 10,000-pound construction trailer.

5. Buick Park Avenue


No surprise here: All Park Avenues are in Florida, driving 20 miles per hour with their left turn signal on.

What car have you gotten the most tickets in?


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