How to Win a Free Trip to Sweden


Volvo C30: your ticket to Europe?

Very few car advertisements really catch my attention anymore. I thought I’d seen every possible incentive on a new car, including a few buy-one-get-one-free offers.

This weekend, though, my wife and I were flipping through an airline magazine on the way to Los Angeles when we both saw a unique car ad. Soon we were talking about taking our next flight to Sweden, courtesy of Volvo.

The ad’s headline said, “Collect Your New Volvo in the Old World.” The promotion is this: Buy a new Volvo (at a savings of 8% to10%) and get two round-trip tickets to Gothenburg, Sweden, to take delivery of your new car directly from the factory. You can drive your car around Europe for as long as you want (one night’s free hotel is included), and then Volvo will ship the car to your local Volvo dealer at no additional cost.

That’s cool. Of course, I’m a huge skeptic of advertising and assumed there was some kind of catch involved, like the offer only applies to a $50,000 XC90. When I looked up the website at home, though, I was surprised to see the offer even applies to a $24,000 C30.

Too good to be true? It sure seems like a genuine offer, and one that few car companies could make work; I can’t really imagine Ford inviting Europeans to Detroit for a magical getaway!

In these times of economic problems and sagging car sales, Volvo may have a winning offer. Only time will tell, though, if the offer is good enough to sell some cars.

Would a free trip to Europe influence you to buy a Volvo? What free gift might inspire you to buy a new car right now?



  1. Rachelle, I am not Swedish, but I will give you a swedish-style massage if you pick me up in your new Volvo.

  2. I have a buddy who’s going to take the trip cause he’s buying a C70.
    The reason they can do this I’m told is because when you drive the car in Sweden and put on a say hundred miles or more it is now considered a used car, no longer a new car and the import fees/taxes change. Is our government getting screwed by this loop hole?
    I wondering if thats why my new S60 had 117 miles on it when I leased it 3 years ago?

  3. Yes this is a great program, and is available on all models that Volvo makes.

  4. An all expenses paid trip to Stockholm, Sweden would be fabulous! However, I would settle with some blonde hair blue eyed built Swedish man to give me one of those famous Swedish massages!

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