The great (and not-so-great) cars of America


Now that the deadline has arrived for GM and Chrysler to prove their viability to the government, I’m torn on what I think should, or will, happen.

While I think it’s callous and downright unpatriotic to WANT either of these companies to fail, I have to stay realistic and look at the situation as objectively as possible.

That’s why I recently looked in-depth at the cars GM and Chrysler are currently offering. I wanted to find reasons why they should continue making cars; to find excitement about their products. While some cars are great arguments for the quality of both companies, others are great reasons for the companies to fade into history.

The cars that dissapoint:

1. Chevy Cobalt

It’s a rattle-trap with a dead spot in the steering a mile wide.
Instead, get a: MAZDA3

2. Jeep Patriot


Lego cars are built with less plastic. 
Instead, get a: Nissan Rogue

3. Chevy Aveo


It’s cheap and not in the good way.
Instead, get a: Honda Fit

4. Chevy Colorado


It looks cool. On the outside.
Instead, get a: Suzuki Equator

5. Chrysler Sebring


It’s the brown paper bag of American cars. 
Instead, get a: Chevy Malibu

6. Dodge Avenger


It’s ironic when outdated cars have macho names.
Instead, get a: Ford Fusion

Now, here’s what America does right:

1. Chevy Corvette


Many people would take one over a Ferrari. Go Chevy!

2. Chevy Camaro


No one does cool like the United States does cool.

3. GMC Acadia


A great American competitor to the Honda Pilot

4. Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra

2009 Chevrolet Silverado LTZ Extended Cab

American trucks kick butt. Period. 

5. Jeep Grand Cherokee


Luxury, utility and a lot less expensive than a Land Rover Range Rover

6. Dodge Challenger


American muscle still captivates us.

7. Dodge Viper 


It’s about as close to exotic as America gets. Sit behind and you’ll know why it made this list.

While it’s not any big surprise, the cars America currently does best are one of two things: big or fast. When it comes to economical or practical, which is where the demand is now, American automakers falter like a Britney Spears comeback.

Now GM is considering bankruptcy as an option to create a new company. That’s a great idea, as doing so would enable them to start over, eliminate the products that hold them back, and start producing the cars we all know they’re capable of making.

What are some of the best and worst American cars you’ve owned?



  1. You should have listed the Viper, Challenger, Camaro and Corvette as a great car picks at the head of the list. Then we’d know your other choices have zero credibility. The problem with motorheads is that they don’t seem to understand that the vast majority of us use a car for transportation and not a masculinity or personality substitute. A good example is your pan of the Chevy Cobalt, which is a very decent small car with excellent fuel mileage, driveability and quality. And you recommend people buy the Honda fit instead of the Chevy Aveo, but fail to notice that you can’t get the Honda without paying substantially more money, which is certainly a big issue in the economy car range. (Not to mention that you should get more car for 30% more money… duh?)
    GM and Chrysler have squandered hundreds of millions of dollars barfing up cars that died years ago from lack of interest, apparently sure that the motorheads in the press will love them, when they could have spent the money developing high volume, profitable vehicles for the rest of us. THAT’S why they’re in so much trouble.

  2. The Pontiac G8 should most definitely be on the list – it is a great alternative to cars like the BMW 5 Series.

    Honorable mention –
    Chevy Volt
    Ford Mustang (minus 2nd gen and early 3rd gen models)

    *not sure if the G8 counts – its a rebadged Holden.

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