The Merger of Toyota and Subaru?


Get ready for Toyobaru!

No, this isn’t an actual merger of the two companies, but a rare alliance to co-develop a rear-wheel-drive 220-horsepower sport coupe. Though recent rumors have surfaced saying the project has been delayed, our friends at Edmunds Inside Line say otherwise.

Based on a revised version of Subaru’s Impreza platform, the new coupe will use Subie’s naturally aspirated 2.0-liter boxer engine mated to the 6-speed manual transmission used in the WRX STI.

So what’s Toyota’s contribution to this venture? Mostly product development and quality control. Plus they get a version of the new coupe that will have its own exterior styling. Who would ever have thought you could buy a Toyota coupe made with Subaru parts? It proves that in this age of automotive uncertainty, anything is possible!

Neither of the coupes have official names yet, but the Toyota version will be sold only in Japan, while the Subaru version will be offered to the rest of the world. Pricing should come in around $20,000, providing a fairly cheap coupe sure to be a hit with the tuner crowd and those who relish in the performance of RWD.

The thing is, Subaru has spent a lot of money building a brand around the fact that all of their vehicles have all-wheel drive. While a RWD coupe is good for the performance side of Subaru, I question what it will do to their all-weather driveability status.

The new coupes are on schedule for a 2011 release, and should be something to really look forward to!

What do you think of a Toyota/Subaru alliance?



  1. WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT is a larger car not what your building, a small toy car . It has to be a full size car , electric , fast , and with a genarator so you don’t have to charge it , this is the American Dream car . And Most of ALL it has to be SAFE And Dependable . and coast around twenty five thousand . NOT THE LITTLE S— CARS YOU BILD NOW WHERE YOU SIT SHOLDER TO SHOLDER & YOUR LEGS HANG OVER THE SEAT BECAUSE THE SEAT IS NOT LARG ENOUGH & HARD LIKE IT WAS PLASTIC . Build a car like this & you will leave the other car companies in the dust. YOU ASKED AND I TOLD YOU WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT.

  2. @lee your completely wrong. there was only a ONE year difference between the ORIGINAL evo produced in 1992, and the WRX in 1993. originally rally drivers used the legacy base model prior to the release of the impreza. after the impreza production legacy received a longer wheel base/body and was no longer used in rally. stick it in your pipe. you sound like a real idiot. also, toyota OWNS lexus. so why your saying they “basically are the same” its because they ARE the same company.

  3. who cares if it is toyota, subaru or mix… The most important is thing that it is cheap and powerful, good thing for drifting and beginner racers. There is not much same cars on the sale especially in europe.

  4. @lee
    do ur research and u will find that the impreza was made long before the EVO and ur lucky ur not driving a Mirage Evolution becuz that almost happened i was there i know now im with subaru.

  5. If It is going to look anything like this, I will buy one. My lease is ending in june of 11′, perfect timing to get rid of my wrx.

  6. @Randy
    well randy
    as you should know that toyota and lexus is basicly the same company
    and that toyota is not a very boring car at all
    look at the ae86 with the 4a-g engine in it and the toyota supra?
    they dont look like lexus’s at all
    just saying that the evo came out before the wrx did
    so im thinking that the wrx is just a knock off of the lancer evo

  7. I think Toyota is doing this because they need/want a sports car in their line up, but know it would be irresponsible to produce one on their own with the way the car industry is headed. In the 80’s and 90’s Toyota’s Sports cars were highly desirable. The Supra, MR2, Celica. Since those have been killed off, its left Toyota fans (myself included) with NOTHING to be excited about.

    This new car gives Toyota Fans some hope, even if it is a Toyobaru.

  8. Well, in many ways, Toyota is a…. well, it’s a boring company. Almost everything is styled to look like Lexus, which isn’t the world’s styling leader. Yep, the high quality is boring too, but in a good way. Who needs the excitement of screaming at a service manager at the car dealership? On the other hand, Subaru seems to specialize in making some of the dowdiest-looking Japanese cars ever made. The combination still looks like a Lexus, and as tgriffith mentions, eschews Subaru’s main reason d’existance, four wheel drive. So what’s the point? I can’t see one. Usually there is some sensible driving force behind joint ventures, but here it only looks like an attempt by Toyota to release yet another Lexus look-alike and keep their designers fully employed. The price (if accurate) seems realistic, but there are many other cars in this class that I’d be more interested in driving than a 2WD Subaru that looks like a Lexus.

  9. Looks like it’ll be a strong competitor to the Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T.

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