Enough with Geneva! Check out Autorama in Detroit


We’re all fed up with hearing about GM’s troubles and stupidities. Tired of hearing about the Obama Auto Task Force visiting Detroit to drive the Volt. And especially sick of hearing bloggers dump on GM and the UAW as if they were Rush Limbaugh.

These people need to get a life and go to Autorama, the great perennial hotrod show that exhibits American car creativity at its best. Check out these photos at Street Rodder.

Let’s get Tim Geithner behind the wheel of the best-of-show 1932 Ford Deucenberg V8 (left and below), instead of that overpriced, never-happen Volt. The car started with a Deuce Coupe B400 and added styling cues from Deusenbergs of the era, all faultlessly executed. See full description here. The car took the prestigious Ridler award and was built by Alan Johnson of Johnson’s Hot Rod Shop of Gadsden, Alabama. I think we should give Alan a job at Ford.



Maybe Larry Summers could find a way to build the Cadillac VSR Concept (right). Put that baby in production and then talk about stimulus! Even bank execs would want one.

In fact, if the creativity of hotrodders could be channeled (no pun intended) to our sick auto industry, we might finally see a few cars developed that people want. Not strict hotrod-knockoffs like the Prowler by Boyd Coddington (who recently passed on), but the car as improvised fun—the spirit that he and his cohorts so well expressed.

The hotrod is the fundamental spirit of American auto creativity. Do you agree?



The gods have not been kind to Detroit this year. Over the weekend part of the roof of the Cobo Center, where the Autorama is held, gave way and deposited rusty sludge and gunk on a few of these custom creations. We do not question the gods’ motivation, but their action is mean-spirited, to say the least.

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