Rare Video of a Nissan GT-R Crash

If any proof is needed that inexperienced drivers can get into some serious trouble with powerful cars, this video is it.

In the video, it looks like an over-zealous Nissan GT-R driver is pushing the limits of his car through some mountain twisties. At night. With other cars.

As I’m sure the car gurus who read this blog know, a powerful car is only as powerful as its driver. Piloting a GT-R at high speeds through the corners isn’t as easy as a video game might have someone believe! That’s a lesson the driver of this ill-fated GT-R learned the hard way. Ouch!

Would you feel comfortable taking a car like the Nissan GT-R and pushing it to its limits?


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  1. “Would you feel comfortable taking a car like the Nissan GT-R and pushing it to its limits?”

    Sure I would, but because I’m a trained test driver, I would only be comfortable doing it on an appropriate track and with the proper safety equipment. The way these cars are marketed has always been inappropriate, and very few of the people who purchase them have the training, skill or judgment to operate them safely on the street when they try to push the envelope. Indeed, the street is NEVER an appropriate place to perform high-G maneuvers. That’s the great downfall of having a very free society— We have many citizens who exercise that freedom to do things that are irresponsible. I shudder to think that it’s so easy to buy a vehicle like the Corvette ZR1 or ZR3. This vehicle is just plain DANGEROUS to drive for an untrained driver, and is even a big handful for trained drivers. Of all the countries with extensive highway systems, I think America has the most poorly trained and skilled drivers, most of whom don’t even know the basic rules of the road. I shudder to think about what happens when these young bucks buy a high-horsepower penis extension, but the video is a great example. Ditto some of the examples we’ve seen of celebrities (especially clueless jocks)wreaking high-end exotics.

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