Road trip! tgriffith heads to LA

That's one full Honda!

That's one full Honda!

In the classic tradition of family road trips, I’m making the 1,200-mile drive to Los Angeles.

My lovely wife, two kids, and way more stuff than I thought possible are crammed into our 2002 Honda CR-V, and we’re going to Disneyland. Yes, there will be fights. I can guarantee someone’s going to throw up all over themselves and the portable DVD player will probably short out, leaving my wife and me panicked about how to keep the kids quiet. 

But we WILL have fun. I’m the dad, and I can demand that, right?

I’ll check in from the road and write thrilling blogs about life in the car and maybe share some bumper stickers that make me laugh along the way. If I end up behind a 1997 Buick going 40 in the fast lane with its left turn signal on, you’ll hear about it. 

I may not have the exotic location and foreign cars that jgoods recently posted about, but I’ve got two kids and 2,400 miles of road-trippin’ fun ahead of me.

And it WILL be fun! 

Keep the comments coming, preferably in the form of advice from all the other other well-traveled car gurus out there. Oh yeah, and happy Spring Break! 


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  1. I’m not sure of your route or ages of your kids, but I suspect that by the end of the trip, you’ll either be real happy you paid the $1200 bucks for the rear seat DVD system or real sorry you didn’t.

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