In California: Drive fast for the good of the state!


California is broke, and I have a solution!

There’s been all kinds of news in the last few weeks about California’s budget crisis and how the state is nearly bankrupt. They’re even starting to delay construction projects and highway improvement plans.

The idea struck me while I was driving 50 miles per hour in a 45 zone and getting passed like I was going 25. Yeah, Californians drive fast. And don’t use turn signals (unless you count the action of actually changing lanes as a signal to get out of the way).

I have a theory that speeding is so rampant here because the opportunities to drive faster than 10 miles per hour are actually quite rare due to the jammed freeways and frequent car accidents. But when an open space appears, everyone puts the pedal to the metal in an effort to be the first car to arrive at the next traffic jam, just 2.4 miles ahead.

People drive so fast here that I saw a car actually flipped onto its top on a straight section of interstate. I can see how that might happen on a 2-lane mountain road, but on a 6-lane freeway the only explanation is speeding and weaving through traffic. I hope that person survived, but if not, it’s a fine example of Darwin’s Theory in my mind.

So, back to my budget solution: The population of Los Angeles is 3.6 million people. All of them speed. Of all the times I’ve been down here, I’ve never seen a car pulled over for speeding. So there you have it.

Three and a half million $100 speeding tickets would make a hefty dent in California’s budget problem. I’ll bet most residents would even be okay with paying their tickets on monthly installment plans, providing a steady stream of revenue for a bankrupt state.

How are the drivers in your neck of the woods?


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  1. I dunno. I bet the state is making more on more gas taxes (higher speed=lower MPG) than they would on more tickets. The collection costs are lower for sure.

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