Daddy, how are cars made?


As another weekend descends upon us, here’s a quick little piece of  fun from the automotive world:

The other day my 7-year-old son asked me how cars are made. That’s not a question that’s easily answered, and I didn’t feel up to a lengthy, boring description. So the two of us sat down and asked Google: How are cars made?

We found was this animated children’s site from Toyota. It’s a fun, entertaining, and educational explanation of how a car gets made. While it is extraordinarily simple, it satisfied my son’s curiosities about the car-building process. 

The site took us on virtual tour and covered everything from development to assembly to sales. I was surprised to see that Toyota took the time to create something like this, but I guess the “how is a car made?” question comes up often enough to justify it! 

Enjoy your weekend, and let us know if you stumble across anything automotive that you want to share! 


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