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Today it’s raining, but as always, we remain hopeful in the state of Maine. And we are beginning to get a taste of convertible weather, finally. Time to fire up the Lambo, go down the dirt road, and get the mail.

I suppose that if one had $222,000 in spare change, there could be no better way to spend it than to own this machine. The Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder is the ultimate sports car, with V10 power, flawless styling, handling, engineering, you name it. It’s far too good to drive on the roads of Maine, potholed from the winter. It’s for the corniches in Italy. For an interesting spread on the car, go to page 200 of issue 45 of Winding Road.

z4Okay, back to reality. For a bit more than $50,000, you can have a BMW Z4 with a retractable hardtop, six-speed transmission, and all the BMW goodies. The 35i version gives you 300 bhp; for $6,000 less, the 30i has 255 bhp. The company has refined the Z4 for ’09, with better looks and new engines. CarGurus says the ’08 has a silky smooth tranny and sticks on the skid pad. If you need only two seats, you’ll love it.

infiniti-g37-convertible-2009-la-rear-overview_w800Now, to the more practical and still sexy. The new Infiniti G37 Convertible (with a very well designed Karmann hardtop) costs about the same as the Z4, but gives you a full back seat, gorgeous interior, and all the trimmings. Its 3.7-liter V6 produces 325 bhp through a seven-speed automatic or a six-speed manual. Scroll down to read the press release for its L.A. Auto Show debut. This is a car for the well-off woman of a certain age who really knows how to drive.

2008-chrysler-sebring-convertible-topFor the most unsexy convertible, we must nominate the Chrysler Sebring, butt of many jokes and barbs from car aficionados everywhere. Even though sales recently dropped about 70 percent, the Sebring convertible does have its fans. Unfortunately, for many of them it came to typify the problems that brought Chrysler down. Perhaps a new, leaner Fiat-Sebring will eventually be reborn on the order of the Fiat 500 with sunroof. And the sun will shine again.

Give us your Sexy Convertible nominations, and try to drive one this weekend.


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  1. sebringlover, your kidding right? i would rather date amy winehouse than ditch a gallardo for a freakin chrysler sebring.

  2. You people don’t know what you’re talking about. The sebring convertible has gotten me laid so many times i don’t even have enough appendages to count with. This car is a sexy beast and makes me feel like one too when i’m cruising around Austin, TX. You WISH you could ditch your lamborghini and take a ride in this bad boy.

    -Elizabeth R.

  3. I had my first ride in a convertible when I was still in diapers (1600cc Fiat 124 Spider). Since then, I have never lost the lust for an open top. But I’d say forget the hardtop crap and go with vinyl or cloth. My pick for sexiest convertible, for somewhere between $50k-75k, is the Fiat Dino spider. Gorgeous lines by Pinninfarina and a 2 Litre Ferrari V6 with 3 twin throat webers. It may not be as fast a Gallardo but it’s hell of a lot easier on the eyes.

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