German Rockmeister Produces Inspirational Audi Song


Big whoop, you say? Well, Leslie Madoki (left) is no small potatoes in Germany. He’s a big-deal music producer and, as such, was asked by Audi to produce an inspiring tribute to the team which will race in the DTM, a big-deal German modified touring car championship race beginning tomorrow in Hockenheim. This is serious stuff.

So, let’s not be too sarcastic about this effort to inspire the Audi team, OK? Mandoki says, “The song is a hymn of praise for the successful Audi drivers and motorsport.” Now click and listen to “Is There a Dream Left.”

If that doesn’t inspire you, with the voices of Bobby Kimball (ex-vocalist for Toto) and Chris Thompson (ex-Manfred Mann’s Earth Band), we don’t know what will.

Audi's 2008 winner, driven by Timo Scheider

2008 winner, driven by Timo Scheider

At the DTM, Audi hopes to win the title for three years running. At Le Mans later this summer, it hopes to tie Ferrari by winning its ninth overall victory. With the company one of a very few posting decent sales figures for last quarter, either of those victories would be a triumph to crow about, or sing about.

Do you like the new Audi song? Will it help their drivers? How does it compare with the Best Car Songs Ever we reviewed a while back?


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