The Newest Star of Transformers – a Motorcycle?


I think Monday morning is a great excuse to look at a picture of Megan Fox and a fast motorcycle.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen hasn’t even been released yet, but it’s already famous for two things:

1. GM vehicles acting as Transformers

2. Megan Fox looking sexy

That’s enough to get me to theaters on opening day! And now motorcycle fans will have a reason of their own: An Aprilia RS 125 will be straddled by Miss Fox.

It’s a bike that’s just her size, too… weighing just 280 pounds. And if you like what you see in the movie, you’re in luck, because the Italian bike is headed to the United States at a price of around $5,500. Incredible coincidence, isn’t it? Product placement is an incredible thing.

The only bad news is the Aprilia RS 125 isn’t street-legal, so if you find yourself aching for one, you’d better have access to a track, too.

If you go see Transformers, will it be for the cars, the bike, or the actress?


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  1. Oh to be an aprilla for a day hehe. Magan fox is a total babe. I have tried to ride that bike but my feet scrape on ground as I am way too tall for it. Quite nippy though

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