It’s Time for GM to Change Its Name

Time to let the GM name die

Time to let the GM name die

General Motors needs to dump its moniker and find an all-new name.

An AP article discussed the idea late last week, giving examples of companies that have successfully gone through a name change. While the General Motors name once stood for industrial might and the epitome of American manufacturing, now it’s just a prime example of epic failure and corporate mismanagement.

If GM emerges from bankruptcy with the same name, the public will remain skeptical of their message of change. All the feelings associated with watching the company fail are pinned directly to the letters G and M and will need to be dealt with before the company can be reborn.

If GM can rise from bankruptcy under an entirely new corporate name, they’ll have a better chance of convincing the world that they truly are a different car company.

I don’t care that the GM name has been a fixture for over a century. Let the four remaining brands of Chevy, GMC, Buick, and Cadillac carry the legacy of brand recognition and change the name of the company that unites them into one that we can identify with and trust.

Shedding the corruption and failure stigma from the GM name seems impossible. Building an honest and trustworthy image around a new name is difficult, but it’s reinvention that General Motors desperately needs.

Do you agree that GM should change its name? Any suggestions?



  1. Yea, I didn’t think of this before but a name change could do wonders. However, more importantly, they need to have the best products and be the leader in green cars. Right now they are far from being a leader. Without that they will continue go bankrupt with people moving to imports.

  2. change GM’s name to Chevrolet(Foundational Brand)!At least no more use of the acronym(such as Generous Motors, Garbage Motors, Greedy Motors, Government Motors, etc.)could be employed.

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