BMW X1 Set for 2011 U.S. Release, but Does it Makes Sense?


BMW has been teasing the arrival of its newest compact SUV for a long time, but yesterday officially confirmed it would arrive in the U.S. sometime in 2011.

The X1 shares the somewhat awkward styling of the X3, but is smaller and has less interior space and less power, all at a cost that probably will reach X3 levels once properly optioned out. Frankly, I think the arrival of the X1 should mean the demise of the X3. Why on earth would BMW offer such similar models, considering the X3 is such a slow seller? Seems to me like a GM-style mistake!

Regardless, the X1 will debut in Europe this fall with one gas and three diesel engine choices, each available in rear-wheel drive or with BMW’s xDrive AWD system. According to a BMW press release:

The X1 will set new benchmarks in the premium compact segment for efficiency, comfort, utility, and of course driving dynamics. Achieving up to 45.2 miles per US gallon on the European test cycle, the BMW Advanced Diesel-powered X1 sDrive18d will provide remarkable fuel efficiency while still achieving a top speed of 124mph.

Well, I guess 45 miles per gallon should sell a few cars… that and some more pictures of a bikini model!

Engine choices for U.S. consumers will be announced closer to launch, but I hope we can count on at least one diesel option.

Does it make sense for BMW to offer both the X1 and the X3?



  1. Well, the X3 is a slow seller now at the end of its lifecycle, but it has prompted MB, Volvo and Audi to launch competitors in this segment. The new X3 will surely grow to be almost as big as the first X5.

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