Surfmobiles in Puerto Escondido

Ford Fairlane Hearse, Mexico

Here is jgoods’ personal car that he used last week in Oaxaca. In response to a recent post of mine, tgriffth remarked that I “would rather ride in a hearse than a Mustang.” Well, gol-dang it, he’s right, and the proof is here.

This week my son and I are in Puerto Escondido, home of the Mexican Pipeline (12-14-foot waves today), watching gorgeous chicas in the most minimal of bikinis. In fact, this very morning a battered and muddy Toyota Land Cruiser pulled up, and out climbed the most delectable, shall we say, 30-year-old mmm-hmm, and her older, paunchy, hung-over companion. I made my move when he went to the bathroom.

Chevy Silverado, MexicoNow you want to know about carros por surf, the vehicles these mad people use to get to the waves. As you might suspect, they vary from beat-up, bottom-line transport, like the bumped-up Chevy shown here, to the classy VW Eurovan or the Jeep Liberty, both shown below.

Jeep Liberty, MexicoThere are also converted vans like old VW Microbuses and taxis or plain old cars with the boards racked on top. The big pipeline, called Zicatela, is the center of the action, but that’s the domain of really accomplished surfers, and so the others must get to the outlying beaches. Some of them walk.

It’s a great scene, and I’m thinking about starting a surfmobile service myself.

Taxi, Puerto EscondidoSend us any pictures you have of surfmobiles, please.


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