How Are the Drivers in Your City?

A sign of a bad driver

A sign of a bad driver

I’ll bet the drivers in my city are better than the drivers in yours!

According to a new survey, my city, Spokane, Washington, has the 34th best drivers in the country. Out of the 200 cities ranked, I’d say that’s pretty darned good.

The top-ranked city is Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where drivers are 26 percent less likely to get in an accident than the average American and can expect to be involved in an accident just once every 13.5 years.

The city with the worst drivers, according to the survey, is Washington, D.C., where drivers tend to get in a wreck about every 5 years and are 95 percent more likely to get in a wreck than average.

I have to take the rankings with a grain of salt, though, because I’ve seen some pretty horrendous driving in my neck of the woods. For instance, about two weeks ago I was stopped at light downtown on a one-way street. I was in the far right lane, and a young lady in a small Toyota sedan was in the center lane next to me.

The light turned green, I hesitated as I always do to take one more look before gunning it, then slammed on my brakes to avoid the 1970s Ford tank barreling toward the intersection. I stopped in time. The girl in the Toyota didn’t and took the brunt of the impact from the fast-moving rust bucket that ran the red light.

I hurried to the damaged cars, and luckily everyone was okay. But get this: The lady who ran the light said, “Don’t even tell me I ran a red light. I couldn’t see past the bus. I didn’t run the light.”

Umm… yeah. There was no bus. Just a bad driver going too fast in an urban area and not paying attention.

My boss’s city, Boston, isn’t even on the list, but he says, without question, it’s by far the worst of the many places he’s lived.

Where do you live, and what’s the worst piece of driving you’ve seen on the road?


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  1. Spokane the 34th best in the nation, are you kidding. I’ve lived all over the western U.S. and Spokane has the worst, slowest drivers i’ve ever seen. Everyone drives 5 to 10 miles under the posted speed limit, especially in the fast lane. Even though the state has a law that states traffic keep right except to pass, virtually every driver sits in the left lane passing nobody, travelling 50-55 mph. (posted speed is between 60, and even 70 in some areas.) Spokane also has the most drivers over 80 per capita of any city in the country, which explains a little, however most of the time the offending driver is a young 20-30 something male, which is the demographic that I fall within. Who did this study? AARP….

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