Ford Cars to Run on Laser Beams?

No, not that kind of Ford Laser...

No, not that kind of Ford Laser...

I’ve decided that Ford should be the domestic automaker this country rallies around.

I mean really, it’s the only company that hasn’t gone bankrupt or been bailed out by the U.S. government. General Motors doesn’t appear to have changed its management style, and the old-timers at the company are still running the show. Chrysler might show some promise later, but its current lineup of vehicles is laughable. Plus, the company now has an Italian owner, which could present the question of whether or not it is a true “domestic” company.

Ford, though, is making genuine technological advances at a time when they are needed most.

...that kind!

...that kind!

How’s this for technology: Ford  engineers have found a way to replace spark plugs with lasers within two years. Yeah, a car powered by honest-to-God laser beams… is that the coolest thing in the world?

Laser ignition would reduce the amount of fuel needed and produce more stable combustion, so less fuel would be needed in each cylinder.

Our friends at Left Lane News said,

Not only does the system need less fuel, it also requires less electricity than normal spark plugs. Researchers say the laser’s pinprick beam fires more than 50 times in a fraction of a second to produce 3,000 rpm. The laser can also be reflected back to a receiver to provide information to the computer about fuel type, to help optimize the engine’s settings.

The new technology will probably show up first in high-end Ford products, but eventually become standard fare in even the company’s entry-level offerings.

If you had to buy a domestic automobile today, would you buy from Ford, GM, or Chrysler?



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