Ford Posts Profit, Hopes for More with Turbo EcoBoost.
Could That Mean a 4-Cylinder F-150?

Coming soon: 4-banger F-150?

Coming soon: 4-banger F-150?

Earlier this week we posted an article about Ford engines running on laser beams.

That same post declared Ford should be the domestic company the U.S. should throw its collective support behind.

The good news just keeps coming for Ford, as just yesterday the company announced a $2.3 billion quarterly profit. Granted, that’s a number that resulted mostly from restructuring debt, but still, the company appears on track to at least break even by the end of 2011.

Ford’s 2010 model line is looking impressive as well, with the new Taurus and Mustang anchoring a strong, quality-filled fleet that includes the Fusion and Flex. Check out a great review of Ford’s 2010 Model Year Drive Event here.

In addition to being on track to make money by building quality cars that are relevant, exciting, and attainable to consumers, Ford is innovating in the fuel-efficiency field, too.

Remember when I mentioned that maybe V8 engines should be outlawed? Not exactly a popular sentiment, but Ford’s advances in technology continue to render the V8 engine, at least in consumer vehicles, obsolete. Ford’s EcoBoost technology combines direct fuel-injection with turbochargers, resulting in more power and up to 20 percent better fuel economy.

So V8 engines get replaced with V6 engines. V6 plants become 4-cylinders. Already, the Taurus SHO and Flex are debuting with the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6, rather than being outfitted with a thirsty V8. Ford will even offer an EcoBoost 4-cylinder in 2010. Anyone want to place money on the likely candidate being the 2011 Fiesta?

Ford product chief Derrick Kuzak has said a four-cylinder has potential even in the F-150 truck. I can’t imagine that would go over well, but hey, the potential is there!

It’s hard to find a fault with Ford right now. The company is emerging as the Detroit domestic that could take serious market share from General Motors and Chrysler.

I hope Ford can do it…. I’d really enjoy seeing the scrappy underdog kick butt against its government-funded competition.

Do you think there’s any chance a four-cylinder can power a Ford F-150?


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  1. i think that its great that we have smaller engines with the power of a v8, but i am not about give up the v8 that i have in my truck, outlawing v8’s would be stupid, granted they’re not very efficient but there are to many enthusiast who aren’t about to give them up, and i am one.

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