The Winner in Overall Quality Is…


Quick, name the carmaker with the best quality in the land.

Honda would be my first guess. Many (if not most) of you will probably say Toyota.

No one in their right mind would say Chrysler. A couple folks might mention GM, but they’d be crazy.

And there’s a growing number of diehards out there who swear Ford builds the highest quality vehicles available. Toyota and Honda loyalists would scoff at such absurdity, but apparently, it’s those Ford people who are right.

The source for that information, conveniently enough, is Ford’s own company blog, where they cite a survey by RDA Group of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Yeah, I hadn’t heard of it either, but evidently its survey compared issues per 1,000 vehicles in the second quarter of 2009.

Ford’s results showed 1,185 issues per 1,000 vehicles.

I’ll give you a moment to read that again.

I don’t know about you, but I look at those numbers and think that’s a pretty sucky outcome. How can Ford come out on top of the survey when out of 1,000 vehicles, all of them had at least one problem? Sure doesn’t seem like anything to brag about.

The same study, though, revealed 1,215 problems for Toyota, while Honda had 1,291.

I admit that, out of the domestics, Ford appears to have the highest quality, most relevant product line, most innovative technology, and best designed cars available. I’m actually dang impressed by the company’s current position and future outlook. I’m not convinced, though, that the cars Ford’s building today will prove in the future to be as reliable as the machines coming out of Honda’s assembly plants.

For the sake of the U.S. auto industry, though, I really hope I’m wrong.

Do you believe Ford produces the highest quality vehicles available right now?


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