Best Cars for a Long Summer Drive with Your Honey


The end of July is here, and before we know it, August 2009 will be in the history books.

I think we all need to make sure this summer is one to remember; the summer of ’09 should be right up there with the summer of ’69. In fact, let’s put that summer to shame by embracing our wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, or people we picked up on Craigslist, packing up a killer car, and hitting the highway for a road trip to who knows where.

Your minivan isn’t going to cut it, though. What kind of rebel adventure can you have tooling around in a ’02 Caravan? For this trip, when it’s just you and your sweetie, you’ll need one of these cars:

Jaguar XK

If you’re looking to travel in attention-getting class, find yourself a version of this sexy convertible. Heck, you could even go get yourself a 1997 XK8 for about eight grand and still look like you’re cruising the States in a $60,000 car. You’ll feel like a modern-day James Dean hitting the accelerator in this baby.

Lexus RX 330/350


I recommend this vehicle for two reasons. First, the rear windows come factory tinted, and the rear seats fold completely flat. ‘Nuff said there.

Second, when you’re ready to pull back onto the highway, you’ll travel in leather-and-wood opulence while still getting fuel mileage in the mid-20s. You can’t go wrong.

Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen TDI


The key here is “TDI.” Go on a road trip without the diesel, and you’re just another wagon on the road getting in the way of the Porsches and Jaguars in the left lane. With the diesel, though, you won’t care, because you’ll suddenly go a good 450 miles between fill ups. Good thing the seats are good enough to keep you comfortable for those long hauls.

Maybach 62


I’m assuming you are rich beyond belief by recommending this ride. But seriously, if you can secure yourself one of these rad rides, you’ll guarantee your sweetie the time of his or her life. And you’ll probably benefit, too, from the insanely huge back seat, the beverage coolers, the video monitors, the reclining rear seats, the power privacy curtains….

Porsche 911


I don’t care what year… if you can get your speedy little paws on one of these for a two-week road trip, do it! Nothing says “I don’t care where I’m going because I’m getting there in style” like a 911. This car is epic. You’ll feel like king of the world while blasting George Thorogood songs and weaving through traffic like a madman. Of course, you’ll end up passing the same Jetta TDI a hundred times, because you’ll have to stop for gas while it keeps chugging along.

Toyota Tercel


Stay with me on this one for a minute… I speak from personal experience. Get a Tercel that doesn’t have air conditioning. Yeah, it may seem crazy for a summer road trip, but if you’re a guy traveling with a girl, it’s worth it. You see, there’s a very good chance she’ll get so hot she’ll wear nothing but a bikini. Then you can spray her with a water bottle to keep her cool as the temps reach 105 degrees in Southern Idaho. It’ll be a trip you’ll never forget.

What are your favorite road-tripping cars?


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