GM: Embarrased to Show Its Name in Public?


Look at nearly any 2006 or newer GM vehicle, from the lowly Chevy Aveo to the monstrous Hummer H2, and you’ll see one thing in common: GM’s Mark of Excellence.

After you stop laughing I’ll explain myself.

The Mark of Excellence isn’t some unseen quality built into every vehicle. No, GM doesn’t have one of those. The Mark of Excellence is the tiny rectangular silver GM badge placed near the front fender of vehicles built by the General. Maybe you’ve never even noticed it, but look at the above picture, and then you’ll start seeing them everywhere.  

The point of the mark was to create a link between GM’s brands, connecting Chevy, GMC, Buick, Cadillac, Saab, Hummer, Pontiac, and Saturn under GM’s corporate umbrella.

Turns out all it takes is a little government money and a thing called bankruptcy to sour the GM name in the eyes of the public.

Now it looks like even GM doesn’t want to admit to being GM, because starting with the 2010 model year, the Mark of Excellence will no longer grace its vehicles. GM spokesman Terry Rhadigan said to the Detroit News,

We are just really focused on the four core brands and this provided us with another opportunity to make sure they were at the forefront.

What Terry meant to say was, “Nobody likes GM right now. Even we’re hanging our heads and trying to make sure we’re not associated with ourselves.”

So much for the corporate umbrella.

In fact, in that same article, Terry said that GM’s research shows people outside the Midwest do not necessarily link a Chevy or Cadillac to GM.

Excuse me? Who is doing the research here, 5-year-olds? That’s dang near insulting, yet indicative of what General Motors thinks of its consumers, I guess.

If you happen to own a vehicle with GM’s Mark of Excellence, there’s advice here on how to remove it from your car. That might be a smart move if you live on the West or East Coast. For you genius Midwesterners, removing the badge won’t help. Everyone will still know you’re driving a GM.

Okay, help prove me right here: Tell me where you live and whether or not you knew Chevy and Cadillac were built by GM. 



  1. Nice comments. But why has GM falling out of favor with its consumers?

    Firstly, they are way too heavy in middle management and have little or no respect for the workers within the US. They have recently closed low cost high quality assembly plant and moved, yes moved this work to Mexico. As such, they again miss-judge the American public and think they will continue to buy GM Trucks. Well, the reality is, don;t buy the imported Offshore manufactured GM truck, buy a Toyota, Nissan made in the US truck or buy a ford.

    GM, still at a loss with its consumers.

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