For a Monday: the “Thank You Wave” and Bikini Car Washes (with Video!)

If you've never seen one, a Thank You Wave looks something likes this

If you've never seen one, a Thank You Wave looks something likes this

I’ve driven in just about all of the West Coast’s big cities, and there are two things that readily stand out:

  1. Very few drivers know about the Thank You Wave.
  2. All cities have bikini car washes (even Seattle).

I live in a midsize city and share the road with about a half-million other people. The majority of them are good drivers, though we have our share of the too-slow-in-the-fast-lane folks. Still, we’re a courteous bunch, and if I slow down to let someone change lanes in front of me or pause at a green light to let a fellow driver out of a driveway, my good deed is usually acknowledged with a Thank You Wave.

Sometimes it’s just a slight raise of the fingers off the steering wheel, sometimes it’s nothing more than a quick nod, sometimes it’s an all-out double-handed wave fest.

Whatever form it takes, the Thank You Wave makes me feel good.

Drive in Los Angeles or Seattle or San Francisco, though, where millions of other drivers are pounding the pavement, and the Thank You Wave is non-existent. It seems drivers only acknowledge other drivers with their middle fingers. Give a Thank You Wave and you’ll get looked at like you’re an overly excited foreigner.

I’m wondering if my city is the exception and Thank You Waves are as rare in other parts of the country (or the world) as on the American West Coast.

One thing that isn’t rare in any city I’ve driven in is the bikini car wash. Of course, they are always promoting some kind of event or product, but I don’t care, because I like bikinis.

In Hollywood last week, a free bikini car wash was offered for owners of hybrid cars by Watch the video below, and you’ll see shameless promotion of eco-friendly car wash products, but you’ll also see girls in bikinis holding those products and washing cars.

The only thing more exciting than that would be getting a Thank You Wave in Los Angeles.

Do people in your city give Thank You Waves? Do you like bikini car washes?


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