Coming in November: A Ferrari-Fighting Hyundai?


Let’s file this one under the “Why not?” category:

A mid-engine V8-powered version of a Hyundai Genesis Coupe is now being assembled in California.

Mid-engine. Hyundai. V8.

Ever think you’d see those words together in a sentence?

According to the folks over at Edmunds, the team at Rhys Millen Racing is doing the customization for Hyundai to feature at the SEMA show in November. Edmunds teased its story with the tagline, “Hyundai building a Ferrari F430 fighter.”

They also said,

Think of it as the supercar Hyundai could build if it were in the supercar business.

Starting with a stock Genesis Coupe, the crew at RMR have gutted the back of the car, chopped up the floor pan, and are currently fitting a 4.6-liter V8 swiped out of a Genesis luxury sedan about where the stock coupe’s rear seat would be.

Hmm... could a Hyundai ever compare?

Hmm... could a Hyundai ever compare?

So could this souped-up Hyundai really become a F430 fighter? Looking at the specs, maybe.

The F430 has 490 hp and does 0-60 in 3.5 seconds. The Hyundai could pump out 450 horses, though its 0-60 time is still anyone’s guess. Ferrari uses a 4.3-liter V8 compared to the Hyundai’s 4.6. Both cars will have an engine that is viewable through the rear glass. Somehow, though, I’m thinking driving dynamics would fall soundly in Ferrari’s corner.

Of course, there will be only one Hyundai supercar built, while anyone with a spare $200K can go buy the Ferrari. Still, the comparison isn’t that much of a stretch when looking at raw horsepower output. I guess the only way to truly compare would be to get both cars side by side and step on the gas to see just where all that power is actually available.

All in all, I think this is one customization that’s well worth the effort, even if Ferrari gets to keep its supercar crown.

Think even a highly modified Hyundai could ever go head to head with a Ferrari?



  1. Have to agree with you Gunner. But I spos performance isnt the main issue when buying a ferrari, its the status and everything else they want!

  2. Now let me see…

    If memory serves, there’s a US company that already makes a sports car that competes directly with Ferrari performance-wise but sells the model at a fraction of the cost.

    Let’s see, what… oh, yes, that company would be GM and the sports car would Corvette. Not that a typical Ferrari buyer cross shops, mind.

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