Volkswagen Could Take Stake in Suzuki by 2010

Suzuki Kizashi: Will we ever see a TDI version?

Suzuki Kizashi: Will we ever see a TDI version?

Just five days ago I wrote about Volkswagen’s desire to add two more brands to its growing lineup of companies after the Porsche deal is done. I took a guess that Suzuki might be of interest to them.

About the same time, though, Bloomberg was reporting that

Volkswagen has no interest in buying Suzuki Motor Corp., Chief Executive Officer Martin Winterkorn said in an interview last night, calling the Japanese carmaker a “nice company.”

Nice company, indeed. Apparently, nice enough to buy. Check out what the Autoblog guys say:

Apparently, a Suzuki executive at the Frankfurt Motor Show mentioned that an agreement between the two automakers would be in place by the end of the year. “For Suzuki and VW this connection would be a win-win situation. Suzuki would have access to a variety of VW’s technology, while Volkswagen would have a solid supporting leg in India and Southeast Asia,” the unnamed source said.

Neither VW nor Suzuki are making any official statements, but a possible VW/Suzuki takeover could have a ton of possible ramifications. For instance:

Maybe VW would pull Suzuki from the U.S. market,  as some analysts have recommended doing, and then just rebadge Suzukis as V-dubs to charge a premium price and gain a better small-car presence here.  The quote above is evidence that the Suzuki brand would likely still exist to build VW’s Asian presence.

If I was leader of the growing German regime, that’s probably what I would do in my quest to dominate the auto world. And hey, I’ve been right before….

I wouldn’t mind seeing Volkswagen take a share of Suzuki. What do you think? If it happens, I want first dibs on a Kizashi TDI!


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  1. please no more re-badged vehicles!!!!!! If i wanted a Kia or Hyundai
    Id just buy one. A rebadged VW as a Suzuki? Just what we need more vehicles that the lights go out all the time, leak oil, and the power windows fail.Suzuki needs to start engineering and making their own vehicles or just go away.

    Luv my Suzuki Sidekick Sport ……………….Bring it back! No unibody Vitara!

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