Next Corvette to Have a Split Window!


I know there are a ton of Camaro fans clicking through the CarGurus pages lately, so this news should reach lots of happy readers:

According to the good folks over at Edmunds InsideLine, the C7 Corvette will feature that long-lost but much-loved design feature known as the split window. Pretty cool, huh?

Funny how the split window, which was featured only on the 1963 ‘Vette, has created such a loyal and fanatic following… vaulting the prices of ’63 Corvettes into the stratosphere.

Visibility on those vintage ’63s, though, was another issue, something that, in modern times, can be addressed with cameras and sensors. While those are no substitute for seeing with ones own eyes, they at least make the split window feasible, so I’m all for it!

What I’m not sure about are those monster modern-day tail-fin tunnels on the back. Hopefully those are toned down a little come production time… or maybe Chevy will just throw a jet engine into each one for a little extra thrust.

What do you think: Are you glad to see the return of the split window, or has the retro design trend finally gone too far?



  1. This Concept will need many refinements before I become interested.
    The back of the car looks like the old 60’s version of the ‘Batmobile’
    As a current C6 owner GM did it right – they lost the flip headlights.
    GM won’t have a chance if this makes it to the street.

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