An Exciting New Buick Concept and Some Good News for GM Workers


Luxury is getting smaller.

General Motors is touting its new small premium Buick Avant concept on the new Lab website, where the Avant is described this way:

Ultimately, we wanted to create a dramatic expression of a new kind of Buick. We designed six exterior themes and four interior concepts as proposals. Each utilized some of the features we developed, and took the Buick aesthetic in a new direction.

This vehicle is intended to be a stunning object, something that fits into the consumer’s everyday life, yet elevates the everyday to a compelling experience.

Sounds OK, I guess, but what about features? Try these: Doors that can open traditionally or slide open for easy access in tight spots. A sliding luggage rack in the back that “presents luggage to you” rather than reaching to get it. Finally, there’s the micro pergola roof that allows it to either be transparent or not let any light through at all. Pretty sweet, I think.

In other GM news, the company is adding third shifts and increasing production in its Fairfax, KS, Lansing-Delta Township, MI and Ft Wayne, IN factories. In all, the move will add about 2,400 jobs while consolidating production of GM’s fullsize heavy duty pickups along with the Chevy Aveo, Malibu and Traverse.

Perhaps these are signs that General Motors is starting to right the once-sinking ship.

How’s that new Buick Avant concept looking to you?


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  1. That Buick concept could be a gamechanger. Totally cool. How much would a car with those features cost though? I can’t imagine spending $40-$50K or more on a “small premium” car.

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