Imagine: A Volkswagen-Badged Porsche 911!

How would it look in Volkswagen dress?

How would it look in Volkswagen dress?

It’s either music to a car fan’s ears or blasphemy to a Porsche enthusiast’s heart.

According to the folks at Autocar, Porsche is prepared to share the Panamera and 911 platforms with Volkswagen.

Much has been made about Porsche’s financial troubles and VW’s quest to become the world’s number one automaker. Now that Volkswagen has announced plans to close on the Porsche merger in 2011, it stands to reason that the the two companies products will merge as well.

Imagine the possibilities: A Porsche Panamera could be rebadged as a VW Phaeton. A 911 could find new life as VW’s Bluesport concept. Porsche purists take note, though: The arrangement doesn’t extend to engines, so we won’t see the 911 Carrera’s 385-hp engine show up in a Jetta.

While injecting new sales possibilities into the Volkswagen brand, what does the platform-sharing arrangement bring to Porsche besides a dent in its exclusiveness? Money, for one thing.

The Autocar article says,

Following its failed attempt to take over VW, Porsche is now concentrating on riding out the global downturn. Before the credit crunch the firm was targeting sales of 150,000 cars a year. But this year sales have slid by 24 per cent to just over 75,000. Porsche will attempt to pursue its original target with its three basic model families (Cayenne, Panamera and 911/Boxster) but it is also looking at further additions to the range.

No word on what those further additions could be, but the arrangement with VW at least buys Porsche some time to develop them while also working on V6 and diesel variants of the Panamera.

I for one am psyched about this new possibility. Bringing Porsche-inspired design to the masses while giving Porsche new opportunity to grow is good for car lovers everywhere.

What do you think: Is Porsche’s sharing of the 911 and Panamera platforms a good thing?


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