Where Did All the Great Car Videos Go?

Aston Martin Cygnet

Few things can fuel passion like a good video.

When it comes to cars, videos can reach inside our brains, grab hold, and forever etch a favorable emotion. A well-done car video creates a feeling of desire… to experience the car in person and maybe even, one day, own it.

A poorly done video fails to make any emotional connection beyond the one that brings out the desire to mock, boo, and hiss. That’s what I have for you today: three videos (from big-time automakers) that fail to create a positive feeling in the viewer, despite their best efforts. Take a look, then let us know where to find some great car vids!

First is an effort by Aston Martin to introduce the Cygnet, a tiny Toyota iQ-based car meant to increase Aston’s fleet fuel economy. I think the car itself is a great idea, but the video misses the mark. Why use a couple of free-running kids to market a car that will be available only to current Aston Martin owners? Maybe in hopes that a DB9-owning father will pony up and send Junior to school in a Cygnet? Hmmm.

Chrysler is a company that could desperately use a great video to inject some feeling into its passionless fleet of aging vehicles. Problem is, there isn’t much to get excited about from the Pentastar right now. To solve that problem, Chrysler decided to go the opposite route and try to create an emotional attachment to the brand itself. The result? A sleep-inducing 60-second ad that follows the adventures of a briefcase.

Finally, a video that’s so bad it looks like a 1980s tryout for a junior high drill team. What makes it even worse is the irony that it’s attempting to sell the innovative, technologically advanced Chevy Volt. Granted, this wasn’t meant to be a widely distributed brand video. It was an event at the L.A. Auto Show that happened to get caught on tape. Even if it wasn’t a GM-produced video, the act itself was GM-sanctioned, and that’s just as bad.

If you know of any truly great car videos, let us know in the comment section! We’re aching for something amazing here….



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