Audi’s Latest R8 Spyder Video

Audi R8 Spyder

This car, the R8 Spyder V10 5.2 FSR Quattro (to give it the full unwieldy handle), is undeniably one of the most exciting road cars ever built. Beautiful, powerful, with handling and performance that are state-of-the-art. Okay, Audi, how do you properly convey all that, not just to the miniscule group that can afford the R8, but to the real audience, the larger public that ogles cars like this?

Well, one tested way is to show ‘em a video. Let’s look at Audi’s latest (they have already created several not-so-hot others for the Spyder) after the break.

Let me give you my take on this, and please, let us have yours in the Comments section.

The target here is clearly the well-heeled urban guy who can identify with tearing around blind corners, pushing every red light, tangling with trucks – you know, city hot-shoe idiots. But then we move into the country, where the car’s real abilities emerge. And that’s the point: Get out of town, and let the car explode.

It’s very cleverly and effectively done, with breaks for still captions, heavy engine-breathing, and working the shadows to make the car emerge as a living thing. And that seems to be the theme—the car as live animal—which it kind of looks like in the final shot.

Another shot of the Audi R8 SpyderWriters, or videographers, can give you all kinds of developmental details, performance specs, tell you how this car does 0-60 in under 4 seconds, and so on. That’s the intellectual approach, if you will, a tactic appealing to people who actually will buy the car (or at least entertain the notion). The sensual/emotional/animal appeal, however, is what moves the oglers—people like you and me, blog readers—most of whom will never afford the $175,000 or so it costs to own this car.

Cars, of course, sell to both sides of our brains, but some marketers and writers, like Dan Neil of the LA Times, just love to get carried away. He views the hard-top R8 as an “Avatar”-like creature that we can plug into:

To drive one is to mind-meld with an off-world creature of magnificent grace and dramatic pace, a being that can by turns be tender and sophisticated or — once you kick the loud pedal — an unholy freakin’ animal. The primal aurality of this car at 8,000 rpm will actually cause your DNA to devolve. Ugh. Mook-ah.

Gosh, Dan, for all that piled-high verbiage, I’d rather watch the video again.

How about you? Does this kind of video turn you on?


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  1. I agree that new video is way stronger than the old ones. Sort of scary that it implies at least hostility toward if not outright violence to a big group of folks on bikes, though. I can make it back and forth to work faster and a lot less expensively on my bike than in a car, so I do. Does that mean I’ve got to worry about having a target on my back in the minds of everyone driving a high-performance car along my route to work?

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