Dodge Announces Special Edition Challengers… for Girls Only?

Furious Fuschia Challengers

Think of the color fuchsia for a moment.

What comes to mind?

I think of 5-year-old girls wearing pink princess dresses and playing in flower fields with purses filled with tulips slung over their shoulders.

Not very manly, is it?

That’s partly why it was surprising to hear that Dodge is offering the color on limited editions of its very manly Challenger R/T and SRT8 trims. Dodge is calling the color Furious Fuchsia, but make no mistake, it’s pink, and it’s anything but furious.

What makes this even more ironic is Dodge just spent somewhere near $6 million on a Super Bowl ad that tried to paint Dodge as Man’s Last Stand against the sacrifices they make when in long-term relationships with women.

Maybe the ad should have said, “I will hold your lip balm. I will put the toilet seat down. I will take my socks off before I come to bed. I will put my underwear in the basket. And after I do all that, I will drive to work in your pink muscle car.”

Doesn’t sound like Man’s Last Stand to me.

I realize that these new pink Challengers and the purple (Plum Crazy) ones are throwbacks to the ’70s, but some things are better left there. Instead of Furious Fuchsia, I think this might as well have been called the Barbie Edition Challenger. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a built-in flower vase on the dash.

The special-edition Furious Fuchsia (I feel like a moron even typing that) Challengers will debut at the Chicago Auto Show. The R/T will retail for $35,140, and the SRT8 will come in at $45,150. Both trims include Furious Fuchsia French-seamed stitching, just in case you want to girly-up your ride even more.

Guys: Would you ever consider driving a pink 6.1-liter, 425-hp Hemi V8 Challenger? Girls: Would you buy one?


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  1. Option for rainbow stripe, or flames down the side, with a little crown on the back shelf?

  2. I already have the Pearl Black SRT8 six speed, But would have loved to get the Plum Crazy Purple or the Pink just for being different!! Either way, gotta love it. Dodge got it right and you don’t see them on every street corner. Pontiac should have got it right witht he New GTO they might have saved themselves.

  3. Hell Yeah I’d drive one. I love the colours from the ’70’s. I think it puts Dodge ahead of the competition.

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