The 10 Best Movie Car Chases Ever!

Can you name the movie?

Speed. Crashes. Near misses. Rubber-burning turns. Explosions. Suspension-crushing jumps.

These are the things that make movie car chases amazing. And these are 10 of the best car-chase examples ever seen in cinema. Of course, there are many, many more that aren’t on this list, so feel free to add your own in the comment section below.

To see the list and view clips from each, just continue reading!


It’s one thing to wreck cars in a movie, it’s another to have them driven as brilliantly as they are in Ronin. Plus, all the best movie car chases have a wrong-way-down-a-one-way-street scene, right?

Gone in 60 Seconds

Call me a moron, but I prefer the newer version to the original. Maybe it’s just because I like the new Eleanor better.


This movie is 40 years old, and still the one all movie chases are judged against.

Vanishing Point

It’s a ’68 Charger versus a ’70 Challenger. Great cars and stunning stunt driving!

To Live and Die in LA

Why hasn’t this been remade yet? I’m saying it now: In remake-happy Hollywood, it will be.

The Blues Brothers

Indoors, outdoors, and crashed police cars result in the best comedic car chase ever!

The Bourne Identity

The world’s most dangerous trained assassin on a high-speed chase through the tight streets of Paris. Sweet!

It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

Okay, I admit it’s not the most exciting, but it’s still fun and a classic piece of cinema.

The Italian Job

The best MINI car chase ever. Down stairs, on sidewalks, in the sewer… there’s nowhere a MINI can’t go!

The Dark Knight

Watch it and try not to cheer. I dare you.

What’s your favorite movie car chase scene ever?


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  1. French Connection is a good one, definitely. Fast and the Furious had some good scenes, you know, for the kids. What about Terminator 2… the semi, the motorcycle, good stuff!

  2. “Death Race 2000” and “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” featured some cool cars.

    Did anyone ever see a movie called “Thief of Hearts”? I don’t remember any chases that were particularly great, but the Mercedes-Benz 300SL gull-wing that appears throughout looked fantastic.

  3. Hey Gurus,
    Steve McQueen in that Mustang is the coolest, and I’m an old enough fart to remember seeing in the theater in 1968.

  4. What about “The Seven Ups,” or “The French Connection”? I can think of a lot more. Still, a fun list you came up with, and likely to spark some interesting suggestions.

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