Hot Deals on the Last of the Hummers

Since GM announced the official end of the Hummer brand this week, it has decided to offer rebates on the remaining 2,200 vehicles. They will move fast at these prices:

  • For the 2009 H2 (the big boy) and H3, a $6,000 rebate
  • For the 2009 H3T (the pickup-truck variant), a $5,000 rebate
  • For the few 2010 H3Ts remaining, a $4,000 rebate.

Hummer MSRPs run from around $31,000 (the H3T) up to the low $60,000s (the H2). With good credit, you can get zero-percent financing for six years on all models. USA Today says it would “expect dealers will offer their own discounts on top of the cash back from GM.”

2009 H3And so the tree-huggers rejoice, and the Hummer-lovers weep. The latter have even put together, says Autoblog, a “Save Hummer in America” rally to be held in Chicago on April 11. No word on how plans for that are going.

After the Chinese Sichuan Tengzhong deal went down, one company was reported still interested in purchasing Hummer and turning it into a “green” brand. How they might do that is beyond our speculation.

A spokesperson for was quoted as cautioning potential Hummer buyers to think twice about what the vehicle will be worth down the road. “Five years from now, who’s going to want your car?” she said.

I think she’s very much mistaken. There will always be a market for these monsters, and they may well become collectors’ items in five years. There will certainly always be, as there is now, a vocal minority group of buyers who love the beasts.

Are any of you out there tempted by these rebates? What do you think these prices will do to the used Hummer market?


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  1. I think the original H1’s and the H3T will be collectible models in the future due to their low production numbers and will probably appreciate in value.

  2. Even if I wouldn’t buy one of these for myself, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending to a friend. The H3 is a fun, capable rig and with those discounts, it’s very tempting. The H2… now that’s just ridiculous.

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