Monday Morning Fun: Supercars All Dressed in White

Aston Martin One-77

Aston Martin One-77

I blame Ferrari for the world’s obsession with red supercars. The red Ferrari 250 GTO led to the red Lamborghini Countach, which led to the red Audi R8.

Red supercars are a symbol of status and speed… but sometimes the world’s fastest, most powerful, and most expensive cars just look better in other colors.

White might not be a top choice, though, since that non-color is most often associated with clothes dryers, dishwashers, and Toyota Camrys.

But below are three absolutely stunning examples of  some of the most exclusive cars in the world going blanc: The ultra-rare Aston Martin One-77, a brand new Audi R8 GT, and a super-sleek Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera.

First, the stealth One-77. When seen in public at all, the One-77 is typically seen wearing deep black. Like Batman, the most exclusive Aston has an air of mystery only amplified by its menacing hue. This is why I was so surprised to see a TopGear report showing the One-77 draped in white for a supercar convoy celebrating the reopening of Silverstone’s new grand prix circuit. It’s a sight that made me very very happy.

Audi R8 GTNext, after its successful entry into the supercar ranks with the three-year-old R8, Audi is ratcheting up the performance potential of its mid-engine sports car with a new race-bred model, the 2011 Audi R8 GT. It looks smokin’ hot in white, and weighs a full 220 pounds less than a standard R8. Combine that with 560 horsepower, and you’ve got a supercar that’ll run with the true exotics. Of course, at a price of around $256,000, it better.

Lamborghini Gallardo SuperleggeraThe Lamborghini Gallardo is the R8’s first cousin. The Supperleggera (superlight) version is a rare breed, with only 172 copies ever produced. Even more rare is to find a white one, since only 10 were built. (Forty-six were orange… blasphemy!) Today it is my pleasure to show you one of the white ones, apparently currently for sale in Scottsdale, Arizona.

A white-hot Lamborghini is way hotter than an orange one. What color do you think works best on exclusive exotics? I’m pretty sold on white…


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  1. Love white especially the Bugatti Veyrion in white- whte cream interior which is always very sexy in a all whitecar. Saw a friend with one she just bought used it had only 800 miles on it Incredible car!! Simply amazing in white.

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