2011 Ford Mustang Goes for Hustle and Bling

2011 Ford Mustang V6 DUB Edition

“I think we’ve successfully brought a ton of hustle to the muscle.”

That’s a quote from Myles Kovacs, co-founder and president of DUB Magazine. He’s talking about the special DUB-Edition 2011 Mustang V6, which will be available this fall.

DUB and Ford got together with Roush to customize the Mustang with:

  • 20-inch TIS wheels with Pirelli performance tires
  • Roush front fascia and splitter
  • Roush quarter-window louvers and windshield banner
  • Roush lowering springs
  • Coupe, convertible, or glass roof body style
  • Six-speed manual or automatic transmission
  • 3.31:1 rear-axle ratio for spirited acceleration
  • DUB logo embroidered in front headrest and DUB stripe package
  • Black interior
  • Choice of four exterior colors: Black, Grabber Blue, Race Red, or Ingot Silver

In short, what we have here is a Mustang designed to appeal to the hip-hop crowd. “The Ford Mustang is the most customized vehicle in the world, and this collaboration pushes the boundaries even further,” said Fritz Wilke, Mustang brand manager.

Unfortunately, all I see here are boundaries that have been pushed too far. This is sure to be an overpriced Mustang V6 with no extra performance behind it. All bling and no sting.

While pricing hasn’t been released yet, I’d wager that it’ll be dang close to the 5.0 GT’s, which for the money seems like a better deal; I don’t care what crowd you hang with.

NellyFor an example of a ‘Stang DUB did right, check out the 2011 DUB Edition Ford Mustang GT, created by DUB, Ford, and Nelly. The exterior of the vehicle features a custom gloss-black paint job with flat black racing stripes and the first ever wide-body treatment on the 2011 Mustang in the world.

The exterior is also upgraded with a Street Scene body kit complete with custom black 22- and 24-inch TIS Modular wheels wrapped in Pirelli rubber. The vehicle also includes a billet grille, hood scoop, tinted taillights, Eibach springs, angel eyes fog lights, and Borla exhaust. The interior is completed in suede and leather with a custom JL Audio system that includes two 12-inch subwoofers, amps, and speakers.

Now that’s a pimpin’ ride!

Is the DUB-Edition Mustang V6 a stud or a dud?


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  1. Sorry Hank, but I drove the ORIGINALS of these cars and have been watching them since they came out. The Mustang lost its charm for me after Ford castrated the pony in the 1970’s. Anyone who is excited about the gas mileage of the Mustang isn’t getting the point.

  2. I personally love it! I think its always great to have some options. But I’m more excited about the V6 getting 31mpg :)

    And Randy…you obviously are not a muscle car fan if you think this is anything mediocre. Keep driving your Prius and move on!

  3. The only thing more ridiculous than Ford building yet another copy of its tired old pony car is the pimpmobile version. How embarrassing (and desperate) of Ford to allow this ugly caricature of its seemingly endless monument to mediocrity.

  4. I think its good that tuning company’s are coming out and modifying entrylevel cars, but I don’t think DUB realy fits with most mustang buyers. I think a better choice would have been American Racing or anyother company. I think of DUB and I think of donk 78 impalas and old box cars with 28 inch wheels. I think ford should offer some parts as add ons, not as a full model.

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