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The 2011 Explorer will be revealed soon!

The 2011 Explorer will be revealed soon!

When Ford revealed the all-new-for-the-U.S. 2011 Ford Fiesta, it was a full year before the car was available for order, accompanied by a major social media marketing campaign designed to build hype and get everyone familiar with it.

If you’re interested in how Ford will manage the reveal of the completely redesigned 2011 Explorer, you need to look no further than Facebook. Ford has chosen to make the reveal there instead of at one of the major auto shows, though it hasn’t said when.

Ford has managed to keep the new design pretty well under wraps, though we know four- and six-cylinder EcoBoost powertrains will be under-the-hood options.

We also know the new Explorer will use a unibody chassis based on the new Taurus platform. That will definitely limit its off-road abilities, but should result in a much more refined, car-like demeanor.

If you want to be among the first to see the new Explorer, just head to its Facebook page.

Hyundai Veloster conceptIn other revealing news, Hyundai will debut its new Veloster coupe at the 2010 Paris Auto Show in October.

While it’s not clear if the Veloster name will stick, it is clear that Hyundai won’t want to cannibalize its own sales by offering two similar models. It’ll differentiate itself from the Genesis Coupe with front-wheel-drive and by being smaller and lighter. But that seems to point at the demise of the Tiburon. Only time will tell!

Under the hood, the new coupe will feature a 1.6-liter engine generating 140+ horsepower. A turbocharged direct injection option will also be available, which should pack a more exciting 200 horses.

Sales will begin in Europe in early 2011, with the U.S. release happening a few months later.

Should the Veloster replace the Tiburon? Will the new Explorer be a sales hit?


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  1. New Hyundai Veloster will be a striking sports car. It will compete directly to VW’s Scirocco and Honda’s new entry level two-door coupe. It has just recently been spied undergoing testing together with afore-mentioned VW model.

  2. The Tiburon hasn’t been produced since the 2008 model year and can’t be found on the Hyundai web site – I think that model’s already done. The Veloster concept looks like one of the new “humpbacks” – the Genesis Coupe looks much better, IMHO.

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