Used-Car Shopping: How To Satisfy Man and Woman

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Men and women look for very different things when they shop for cars.

I know, that’s not exactly shocking news, which is why I was surprised to read about a study by the brilliant minds at CNW Market Research. The firm conducted a study leading to the “discovery” that personal tastes in a vehicle vary greatly depending on gender and age. Groundbreaking stuff, huh? Maybe next they’ll discover what happens to water when exposed to temperatures under 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Consider me riveted.

What about studying how to get a man and a woman to actually agree on what car to buy? Now that would be a truly shocking discovery.

When a couple decides to buy a car together, it’s a well-known fact that one of them will end up making sacrifices to please the other. But maybe I can help by looking at what men and women both want, then finding cars that perfectly satisfy both. I’ll use the CarGurus DealFinder to see if I can combine the study’s results with available used cars. This should be interesting!

First, here’s what the study says are the attributes women typically base their car purchases on:

  1. Rear visibility
  2. Monthly payment
  3. Front visibility
  4. Remote side mirrors
  5. Side air bags

Men, on the other hand, prefer:

  1. Styling
  2. Horsepower
  3. Engine design
  4. Front visibility
  5. Sound system

The one thing in common? Both genders agree being able to see out the front of the car is desirable. That seems like a good starting point. It’s interesting, though, that women place more value on being able to look backward…

Does a car exist that looks good, goes fast and can pump out the tunes while providing side airbags, good rear visibility, remote side mirrors and still be easy on the budget? Yes!

After my DealFinder search, I quickly came up with two cars that should fit the bill nicely: the Hyundai Genesis Coupe and the Mazda MAZDASPEED3. I didn’t conduct my own research, but I’ll assume you can see out the front of most of the used ones you might find.

I’m sure there are many more, but I’ll leave that up to you. Which cars would meet the criteria above to satisfy both men and women?


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Used Hyundai Genesis Coupe

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  1. I’m not surpised that safety concerns and price is what’s most important to women.
    That’s what is most important to me when it comes to purchasing a car.
    I’d LOVE a super hot car, with tons of horse power, nice engine, super safe, family friendly and a killer system so mama or daddy could rock out on the way to work & the kiddos could jam to The Wiggles on the way to the park. That way everyone would behappy! :)

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