Buy Mahindra or Buy Used?

Mahindra pickup

If you’ve been holding your breath waiting for the U.S. introduction of Mahindra trucks, you might want to take a deep inhale before you pass out. They’re not coming. At least not anytime in the foreseeable future.

Mahindra has been teasing its entry into the U.S. market for quite some time, even selecting an importer, Global Vehicles USA, and receiving EPA certification to sell its small, efficient diesel trucks here.

Then Mahindra terminated its contract with GV USA. Lawsuits erupted, and now the the Indian company has announced that its entry into this country is indefinitely suspended.

That’s probably a good thing…

Inside a Mahindra

On one hand it’s too bad, because no viable choice exists for U.S. buyers looking for an economical small truck. On the other hand, the oddly proportioned Mahindra trucks feature an interior that appears to have been lifted directly from a late ’80s Hyundai. We’re probably not missing much.

If we’re lucky, maybe the good folks at Ford and GM will take the opportunity to fill the compact truck hole and offer us the new global Ranger or a redesigned Colorado. But that’s about as unlikely as the Volkswagen Amarok showing up here, so, for now, the best choice for people looking for a compact pickup is the used market.

Once upon a time the U.S. crawled with small trucks. Little Toyota Tacomas and Nissan Frontiers filled the garages of suburban homes and small farms everywhere. The Ford Ranger and Chevy S-10 tore up the sales floor. Good thing those trucks were so tough, because they continue to do the job today and will keep working until suitable replacements come along. In the meantime, good deals on used compact trucks abound, especially in the CarGurus Dealfinder.

I’d take a used Tacoma over a new Mahindra any day. Would you?


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