How Can This Be? Sales of Large SUVs Up 20 Percent

2010 Chevrolet Tahoe

The White House has done its best to curtail sales of monster SUVs in these United States, but We The People just won’t seem to let the big ‘utes die.

President Obama’s government thought, and probably still hopes, that a required 35.5 mpg fleet average will someday eliminate the likes of the Chevy Tahoe and Ford Expedition from hogging lanes on American streets, but according to the Detroit News, sales of those big machines have flourished recently. Believe it or not, large SUV sales are up by 20 percent so far this year, with General Motors and Ford poised to take full advantage.

How could this be? Chevrolet marketing manager Mark Clawson explained it well,

Unless the country decides to limit people to only having two kids, only having one activity and not having things like snowmobiles, jet skis and boats, then there will be some people who will still want these vehicles.

Will the Sequoia keep standing?

Granted, large SUV sales won’t reach to the heights of the 1990s and early 2000s, but there’s no denying that big towing-friendly family rigs will remain a staple on American highways. With a smaller market, though, don’t be surprised if at least one foreign automaker pulls out of the market in coming years. That could translate to the demise of the Toyota Sequoia or Nissan Armada, which would be fine with me, because Detroit builds far better big utes anyway.

Both GM and Ford say they are committed to the segment for the foreseeable future, although changes are on the way to help improve fuel economy. Large SUVs will keep their truck underpinnings, but look for more fuel-efficient engines – such as Ford’s EcoBoost technology – and automatic transmissions with up to seven speeds.

GM has confirmed that a revamp of its SUV lineup is coming in either 2013 or 2014.

I think as long as gas is cheap, big SUVs will continue to sell. If the government truly wants to discourage these vehicles, it should institute a hefty gas tax. Agree?


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  1. @
    I so agree David, people usually (historically) has gone from smaller cars to bigger and better cars. Peoples cars usually is small and crappy then later they afford and buy bigger and better cars, like evolution. Also nothing less than 6 cylinders sound good! V8 or more is the best! I just love the low burble of a Big V8 American truck or muscle car.

  2. well what on earth do you expect? people like large cars. guys like them for the v8 power under the hood and the feeling of being so high up in the air and towering over the smaller cars we also like it when it feels like a tank because its so heavy. Women on the other hand like them because of the cargo room and they use every inch of it when shopping. any guy who doesnt like the sound of a v8 engine slurping down gas like its nothing is not a man by my books. ya it would be nice if the larger cars could go further on the fuel they carry but when you add all the fuel saving stuff it cuts back on the power and makes the car less fun to drive it also takes away from the sound of the engine. guys love the growl of a v8 engine and the whistle of a turbo or supercharger to get more power out of that v8.

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