BMW News: Vision EfficientDynamics Is Coming, New M3 Engine, Great M3-RS5 Video Duel

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics

The carbon-fiber-hybrid-madness supercar that we told you about has been running as a prototype, and BMW has now actually committed to building the Vision EfficientDynamics for sale by October 2013.

Stay tuned for the stirring battle to come between the new Efficient-Whatever (no production name yet) and the Audi E-tron and the Benz SLS with E-Drive, and who knows what else. A combat of historic hybridic proportions. A clash of the electrified German titans.

The V-ED presently has a complicated diesel-two-motor hybrid drive system that gives 4.7-second 0-60 mph times, plus something like 75 mpg. The unit may well be simplified for better sales appeal in the U.S., says Auto Express. More pix and details of the prototype are here.

Our direct line from BMW also provides news of a next-generation M3 coming with a smaller, lighter, more powerful engine. A 3.3-liter twin-turbo V6 producing 440 hp will replace the present 4-liter V8 that makes 420 hp. Clearly, a step in the right direction. One would assume better mileage as well.

The M3, to my mind, is still just about the world’s best sports car for the money (around $60K), but there are challengers. One of these is the new Audi RS5, producing somewhere between the claimed 450 hp and the measured 422 hp. With quattro AWD, this thing can ever-so-slightly outrun the M3, as the video below shows.

For price, however, you’re talking about €77,700 ($109,100 U.S.), which sure ain’t chickenfeed. The car, says Motor Authority, is slated to come to the U.S.

I don’t care who won, or by how little. BMW is still king, right?


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  1. The race does not change anything. BMW is and always will be the leader in auto manufacturing. Yes, AUDI is a great company as others, but overall, you just can’t beat BMW and it’s history.

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