Love Conan, Love Volkswagen

Maybe Conan should trade in his SHO for a Jetta

After a short-lived stint on NBC’s Tonight Show, late-night comedy mastermind Conan O’Brien is finally back on the air. Let the fierce battle for audience supremacy begin!

Conan’s return is sure to shake up the ratings and could create an all-new backlash against Jay Leno while Letterman and Stewart continue dishing out their after-dark laughs.

USA Today commissioned a poll, with help from research company Penn Schoen Berland, to help unravel the mystery of each comedian’s core audience.

Fans of Conan are more likely to drive Volkswagens, while Leno and Stewart fans each prefer American brands. Can you guess whose audience consists of beer-guzzling, GMC-driving Catholic democrats? Keep reading to find out…

The results of the survey can be taken two ways:

  1. The people polled were completely honest, and these results are valid.
  2. The people polled, being fans of late-night comedy, tried their hands at being funny to mess with the pollsters.

Which is correct? My money’s on option two.

According to the survey, Conan O’Brien fans are likely to be between 18 and 34 years old, drive Volkswagens, and be single atheists.

David Letterman’s fan base is primarily made up of people between the ages of 25 and 44 who are beer-loving divorced liberals rolling around town in Toyotas.

Jay Leno is favored by an older conservative crowd who are 45 and up, religious, and listen to country music while indulging in red wine. Not surprisingly, these are folks who favor Pontiac and Chevrolet sheet metal. You know the ’96 Chevy Impala with the Bush ’04 bumper sticker on the back? That’s your Leno fan.

The outcast of the group is Jon Stewart, whose fan base was found to be made up primarily of 35-54-year-old married beer-drinking Catholic democrats who tear up the pavement in GMC trucks.

Very funny, Stewart fans. Beer-drinking Catholic democrats? Does such a demographic even exist? Sounds like part of a joke written by Stewart himself!

Let’s test this research: Who is your late-night comic of choice, and what kind of car do you drive?


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