Auto-Art Sculpture from Old Car Parts

Corbett spark-plug ram

An Australian named James Corbett has for some years been making wonderful sculptures of animals, people, and cars out of junkyard auto parts. He apparently got the idea from running an auto recycling business in Brisbane and has gone on to exhibit his work in many shows, winning many prizes.

The sparkplug ram (above) shows you how he works. This piece sold for $23,000, so you know Mr. Corbett has a following. He says, “My goal is to create the illusion of life and movement from inanimate cast-offs.”

If nothing else, Corbett’s work also shows how far the automobile has permeated our culture. Besides animals (and people), he has modeled motorcycles, old race cars, and an actual 1939 Ford Sprintcar, which he races. We’ll show you some examples after the break.

One car he modeled/recreated is the old Morgan Three-Wheeler, produced from 1909 to 1953, the iconic “car” that created the success of the company. Morgan sold some 30,000 and has recently decided to recreate it, with zippy performance (0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds) and an “aircraft style cockpit.”Corbett's Morgan Three-Wheeler

I kind of like Corbett’s version better. Anyhow, here are the pix, which need no explanation.

Which of Corbett’s sculptures pictured above do you like best?


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