BMW’s 2013 Megacity: What Will It Look Like?

Don’t you hate teaser images like this? This one has been floating around the Internet for months now, but we’ve seen other ideas of what the new car might look like. Check them out after the break.

BMW is quite serious about producing an electric car for the city and has just filed trademarks for a new logo and the i1, i2, i3, …i9 model labels. The car will be made in a new $561-million facility in Leipzig, using carbon fiber made in Moses Lake, Washington, where a $100-million plant broke ground in July.

It’s safe to say this will not be just another “sardine can.” The car will use carbon fiber and aluminum to keep weight down. It will seat four, with suicide doors, and be about as long as a Ford Fiesta. Range is predicted at 100 miles; top speed, 95 mph.

A Megacity concept will be shown at Frankfurt next September, but don’t look for production before 2013. Predicted price is in the $30-40,000 range, after incentives.

It’s also safe to say this car won’t look like the MINI E or the 1 Series ActiveE, both of which were really test beds for the development of the Megacity.

So, what’s it going to look like? Here are two of the “official photos” presumably of the concept under construction. Neither looks much like the teaser.

There is more teasing from the company, to the effect that future powertrain options may include a 35-hp range-extender gas engine, like the Volt’s, and/or plug-in hybrids with three-cylinder gas or diesel extender engines.

After all this talk, will BMW be just late to the game, or do they have a winner?


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