Why Do Rich People Get Free Cars?

Kid Rock's Camaro

The last thing Kid Rock needs is a Camaro.

Especially a free Camaro.

That’s what he got, though, thanks to Chevrolet and NASCAR racer Jimmie Johnson, who teamed up to make Kid Rock’s 40th birthday party (at Ford Field, no less) one the Detroit rocker will always remember. Johnson presented the now-40-year-old “Kid” with a brand-new, pimped-out Camaro. For the record, he did seem genuinely grateful, even wondering out loud if he had been punk’d. But no, it’s all too real.

Keep reading for a quick video of the special gift, in all its glory.

[Note: This video does include audio of one word you may not want your boss to overhear from your office.]

So there you have it.

I happen to think giving cars to celebrities is utterly ridiculous. I don’t mind going all gaga over cars celebs buy for themselves, but I fail to get excited at watching someone worth millions of dollars be given a $30,000 car. It would’ve been really cool if Chevy announced plans to auction the car and donate the proceeds to a charity of Rock’s choice. That’s a gift I could get excited about!

I know Chevy agreed to give away the car because it would result in a sudden increase in Camaro mentions on car blogs, but Chevy would’ve gotten just as much coverage had it announced a plan to use the car to benefit people who really need it.

It’s an insane truth in this country that the richer you are, the more free stuff you get. Let’s just hope that Kid Rock auctions this car for charity, or gives it to one, so that some good can come from all this stupidity.

Should celebrities be given free cars?


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  1. Your article answers it’s own question. If they’d given it to me or you, it wouldn’t have been newsworthy.

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